Crucible Fire & Light: Soirée

For the last few weeks the members of Omega Recoil have been working hard with our friend at The Crucible in preparation for their Fire & Light: Soirée and Art Auction.

The hard work begins this week with installation and testing of our coil in their space. If all goes according to plan, we will be performing along side a Gamelan orchestra with our big coil hung from the ceiling, and our new solid state coil on stage with the orchestra.

Sand by the Ton

Another adventure in hanging the coil from a crane. This time we, Omega Recoil, hung our entire setup from a gantry crane at American Steel Studios for Sand by the Ton. It was quite an effort – we even had to get the broken crane running for the first time in who knows how long. There were a lot of challenges – our first show was stopped short by the Fire Marshall due to the crowd we drew. In the end it was well worth it. We had a show where both the performer and the Tesla Coil were able to move around the performance space.

Sadly I didn’t get too many photos this time, but here is one:

Omega Recoil

Sausalito Lighted Yacht Parade

A very last minute adventure. Omega Recoil was invited by Dan Das Mann to participate with a number of other artist in the Sausalito Lighted Yacht Parade.  We weren’t sure just what to expect, and there was a constant threat that the weather would turn bad, but we risked it and hung our Tesla Coil from a crane, over the side of The R/V White Holly.  It was great and the rain held off until it was time to load out.

There are a few photos on Flickr.

And a stunning video: