Lightning up in the Mission

Omega Recoil got the call to perform for a company party for Little Giant, a lighting and grip company, in the Mission in San Francisco. Not hidden away in a building somewhere in the Mission, but outside almost in the middle of the street, on their parking pad between the building and the sidewalk. Some of the neighbors stopped by to watch the performances; some people said they came from several blocks away once they heard the tell-tall sound of a Tesla coil firing up.

(These were my first attempts to record anything with the Vine app.)

Modern Marvels: Weird Machines

Here’s a link to the full episode of Modern Marvels which features Omega Recoil and a lot of our friends: Modern Marvels: Weird Machines. At 28:50 you’ll see Jon Sarriugarte and our electrical performances start at 32:50.

(Sometimes the link is active, sometimes it is down because the episode will be airing soon.)